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Original Greek Tastes Cooked On Board By Us

WHAT WE OFFER Lunch on board!

During the trip, you are offered a lush traditional lunch, prepared with the best local ingredients. Only virgin olive oil is used. Our target is that you taste original Greek tastes cooked on board by us, based on our grandmothers’ recipes! In case you follow a special diet, we should be informed, so as to adjust the menu accordingly.

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Organising an event

In a private charter, you can celebrate with the people you love some special occasions, such as birthday, anniversaries, graduations, wedding proposals…

You can be up to ten people.

For reservations, we need your name, your surname, your passport or ID number.
This information is necessary for the passengers’ list we have to give to the Port Authority to get a sailing departure.

Furthermore, for our personal communication, we would like to have your cell-phone number and an e-mail address.

Lunch On Board

Traditional lunch, prepared with the best local ingredients.

Organising An Event

Birthday, anniversaries, graduations, wedding proposals…